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Are you looking to accentuate your smile for the upcoming fall season? If so, the quickest and safest way to brighten your smile is through the process of professional teeth whitening. Our dentist, Dr. Julia Gorelik, is pleased to offer ZOOM teeth whitening for our patients in Charlotte, North Carolina, looking for an effective smile boost.

Whether your teeth have been discolored due to aging, smoking (or other forms of tobacco use), medications, sickness, or even just the day-to-day consumption of tea, coffee, soda or red wine, our professional ZOOM whitening treatment can restore your beautiful smile. Let’s take a closer look:

What is in-office teeth whitening? During your in-office treatment, Dr. Gorelik will gently remove the stains from your teeth. She will protect your gums using a barrier and then paint the whitening solution onto your teeth. She will then activate the whitening solution with the help of an ultraviolet light. As the whitening solution is activated, the solution breaks up the stains on the teeth.

What does ZOOM teeth whitening do for my smile? This professional whitening treatment can turn yellowed or discolored teeth white again by safely removing severe stains which are virtually impossible to remove with over-the-counter solutions. In just one visit to our office, Dr. Gorelik can brighten your smile multiple shades.

Will whitening my teeth hurt? You should not feel pain during your teeth whitening treatment as Dr. Gorelik will protect the tissues.

If you have been wanting to add some sparkle to your smile during this holiday season, we invite you to call Gorelik Dentistry today at 704-553-1627 schedule your professional teeth whitening treatment. We also offer take-home teeth whitening in Charlotte, North Carolina, for your convenience, if you prefer.