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Do you feel pain when you try to eat ice cream or drink hot drinks like coffee or tea? If so, this is an indication of tooth sensitivity. What do you know about this relatively common condition? Is there a cure? Let’s take a short quiz to find out how tooth savvy you are about tooth sensitivity!

True or false:

1-T/F: No one is immune from tooth pain when eating hot or cold foods.

2-T/F: There’s no pain relief for tooth sensitivity.

3-T/F: Once you have tooth sensitivity, you will always have it. You can forget about your favorite hot or cold drinks!

4-T/F: Tooth sensitivity can cause you to lose your teeth.

5-T/F: It’s possible to treat and cure tooth sensitivity. You don’t have to live with tooth sensitivity!


1- False: Tooth sensitivity, or hypersensitivity, doesn’t have to be normal. In fact, it isn’t. Something is causing this pain, such as an old filling or fillings, a cavity, unhealthy gums, weakened tooth enamel, periodontal disease or even exposed tooth roots.

2- False: You can buy a desensitizing toothpaste carrying the ADA seal of Acceptance from your local store for pain relief. It works by blocking the pain signals from your tooth’s surface to the tooth nerve. Relief can be had after just a few uses.

3- False: You can still enjoy your favorite hot or cold foods and beverages with help from your dentist to determine the cause of the pain.

4- True: When tooth sensitivity goes untreated and the cause is receding gums or dental decay, it will only get worse. As gums and teeth deteriorate you can lose supportive gum and bone and ultimately, your teeth.

5- True: Treatment for tooth sensitivity can be as simple as a dental filling restoration, having periodontal treatment, or increasing your daily oral hygiene care.

If you are suffering from tooth sensitivity, we encourage you to have our dentist take a closer look. Our Gorelik Dentistry team in Charlotte, North Carolina is here for you, and Dr. Julia Gorelik wants to help you have the healthy smile you deserve. Call 704-553-1627 today for the relief you need, just in time for the food-filled holiday season!