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Did you know that ozone is used around the world for its healthful properties? This healing element is naturally created in the white cells in your body, fighting harmful microorganisms, including viruses and bacteria. At controlled levels, ozone is safer than most medications you might be taking, without the side effects.

Ozone is used in public water treatment, and to sterilize bottled water, soda, and even produce. Ozone is used to purify air, and water in public pools, baths, and laundrymats. In medicine, ozone has been used for a long time now to facilitate wound healing and to treat disease, including helping diabetic patients heal from foot ulcerations. It is also used to fight MRSA. Truly, ozone is a versatile, helpful tool in protecting one’s overall health and wellbeing in a minimally invasive way.

When it comes to holistic dentistry, ozone therapy offers the following benefits for patients:

– Gets rid of bacterial waste and is to treat oral sores (canker, cold) and gum disease
– Helps treat and heal bone infections
– Treats tooth sensitivity
– Lightens tooth stains on enamel as a cosmetic whitening treatment

How does ozone work, you may ask? It kills the bacteria that produce harmful acids while neutralizing their by-products. Ozone also creates a less acidic oral environment, allowing the good bacteria to replace the harmful ones. This facilitates an environment where minerals can permeate the tooth to harden the enamel, as the ozone solution-rich in tooth-strengthening minerals- is applied to the tooth.

Ozone can be applied through an oral rinse to help with oral infections, speed healing after oral surgery, and help keep gum tissue healthy overall. Our dentist & hygienist can use ozone treating pockets in the gums from infection. And finally, we can use ozone to help whiten teeth.

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