Don’t you deserve a smile that enhances not only your appearance but also your overall health and wellbeing? We think you do! Dr. Julia Gorelik is proud to offer safe amalgam removal at our office to ensure that your smile is healthy and positively impacts your total health.

What is amalgam?

Amalgam is a material that has traditionally been used in dental restorations for over one hundred years. Amalgam is composed of a mixture of metals, including mercury, tin, silver, copper, and other trace metals. Because mercury may be harmful to your health, we exclusively offer amalgam-free, mercury-free restorations at Gorelik Dentistry. We also offer safe amalgam removal to eliminate any older amalgam fillings you may have.

What is safe amalgam removal?

It is important that you seek treatment from a dentist who is trained in safely removing mercury. When old amalgam fillings are removed, they can cause excess exposure to mercury. For this reason, be certain to visit a doctor who is a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT). Dr. Julia Gorelik is an IAOMT member and is experienced in safely removing amalgam fillings.

What is involved in safely removing amalgam?

There are a number of important factors that our dentist must consider when removing amalgam restorations. The following are essential in ensuring safe mercury removal:

  • Using an efficient suction system in the mouth with a special tip to contain amalgam particles and mercury vapors
  • Removing the old amalgam restoration in large pieces to minimize the generation of mercury vapor and amalgam particulate
  • Operating a vacuum system at maximum efficiency
  • Providing both the patient and dental team with a mercury-free source of air

We are dedicated to your health, and we strictly follow all necessary protocol at our office to ensure that your experience with us is safe and comfortable. You deserve dental care that takes into account your entire wellbeing, and we are pleased to offer personalized, quality care designed to improve your smile and positively impact your overall health. We invite you to contact our office today to learn more about safe amalgam removal in Charlotte, North Carolina, and to set up your personalized consultation with Dr. Julia Gorelik.