Gorelik Dentistry is committed to helping you retain and protect your natural smile. We utilize minimally invasive procedures to preserve tooth structure and promote the healing process. Dr. Julia Gorelik uses ozone therapy to treat a variety of dental procedures.


Ozone is a tri-atomic oxygen particle that is created with medical-grade pure oxygen is passed through a corona discharge generator. It can be used in a liquid or gas form. Uses of ozone therapy include:


  • Periodontal treatment: Ozonated water is flushed below the gum line and/or ozone gas is infiltrated into the soft tissue.
  • Tooth decay treatment: Ozone gas can permeate below the gum line, into the grooves of the teeth, and on the smooth surfaces of teeth to kill bacteria that causes tooth decay. Deeply cavitated teeth can often receive fillings without the need for anesthesia. Ozone recalcifies the tooth structure, leaving it stronger than before.
  • Tooth sensitivity treatment: Ozone’s ability to harden tooth structure makes ozone gas an effective solution to tooth sensitivity.
  • Health safety: Ozone does not contradict other medications, which eliminates the risk of cross-reactions. It does not cause any allergic reactions.
  • Post-operative pain management: When ozone is applied to a tooth before a dental restoration is placed, it can reduce bacterial infection and symptoms of post-operative pain.


If you would like to learn more about ozone therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina, please contact our office today and schedule an appointment with our dentist.