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At Gorelik Dentistry, we love helping our patients in Charlotte, North Carolina create the smile of their dreams. Dr. Julia Gorelik and our team have seen how ceramic dental implants bring smiles to our patients. Ceramic implants not only look like natural teeth, they feel like them as well. Not only do the ceramic implants help preserve the natural tooth and bone structure, but they help you feel at ease when you smile, talk and eat so you can socialize with confidence.

Ceramic implants are different than metal implants in several ways, but one of the main factors is that ceramic implants are created in one piece, very much like a tooth, from the root to the crown. This means they don’t contain joints, which makes them attract less plaque and bacteria, unlike traditional metal implants.

Why do our patients love ceramic implants? Let’s take a look!

— Since they are metal-free bioceramic they don’t generate electricity.

— They don’t encourage bacteria and plaque to take hold, making them cleaner than metal implants.

— You can chew with ease since the bite pressure is steady and secure.

— Ceramic implants will serve you for decades when cared for properly, including brushing and flossing daily.

— Because ceramic implants are integrated with your gums and bone structure, they are comfortable to wear while durable as well.

Unlike dental prosthetics, dental implants encourage a healthier lifestyle as you are able to eat crisp, fresh foods without worrying about an oral appliance. And as we know, healthy foods mean a healthier smile and body!

If you have any questions about missing teeth in your smile or would simply like to know more about how ceramic implants can change your smile and your life in Charlotte, North Carolina, please give us a call at 704-553-1627 at your earliest convenience. Dr. Julia Gorelik and our Gorelik Dentistry team look forward to helping you smile for a lifetime!