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Our skilled dentist, Dr. Julia Gorelik, is pleased to offer holistic dentistry for all of our patients in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Her training in dentistry not only makes her familiar with all normal dentistry techniques, but she is also trained in the type of dentistry which is good for your whole body, not just your oral health.

What does this mean for you, our patient? In the late 1800’s the National Dental Association first recognized that mercury fillings (amalgam) were harmful, and in fact, specifically mandated that their member dentists were not to use amalgam fillings on their patients.

Well, providing mercury-free dental fillings for your teeth—as amalgam fillings have over fifty percent mercury in them–as well as safely removing any old amalgam fillings you might still have in your mouth, are only a first step in our holistic approach.

At Gorelik Family Dentistry, our caring team also makes sure to incorporate our oral health practices that are safe for the body in other aspects as well. For instance, this means that we also don’t advocate ingesting fluoride, since fluoride is not considered healthy for the body overall, even though it helps strengthen tooth enamel, specifically. In addition, our practice focuses on using non-toxic restorative materials for our dental work, wherever possible. And finally, we understand how dental infections can affect your overall health, so we make sure your teeth and gums are infection free.

If you have any questions about our holistic approach to dentistry, or if it is time for your next dental visit, please give our team a call at 704-553-1627 today!