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At our practice in Charlotte, North Carolina, Dr. Julia Gorelik and our team are here to help if you are missing one or more teeth. Missing teeth can affect your smile aesthetically as well as function, as remaining teeth are vulnerable to shifting and rotating and causing problems with your bite. If missing teeth are not replaced, this can eventually lead to problems with your gums and disorders with your TMJ (jaw joints).

Dr. Gorelik is happy to provide a solution with our metal-free dental bridge. Unlike dentures and partials which are removable oral appliances, dental bridges are permanent fixtures you don’t have to remove. Our metal-free bridge is cemented to either dental implants or your natural teeth which anchor the bridge.

With normal porcelain fused to metal bridges, you can experience tissue sensitivity. If you have a base-metal crown, it has nickel in it which can cause allergic reactions, particularly in women. Also, some restorations with non-precious metals may result in irritation and possibly gum recession. Our metal-free material is biocompatible which results in excellent tissue response in the mouth. This also means the gum tissue doesn’t pull away from the material, which can happen with porcelain fused to metal.

To help your metal-free bridge last a lifetime, you will want to take good care of it. Caring for your bridge isn’t much different than your current oral hygiene habits. The goal is to prevent tooth decay and gum disease while providing support for your teeth and bridge. This means daily brushing, flossing, having regular six-month checkups and cleanings, and avoiding hard foods (hard candy or ice), or chewing on hard objects which can harm your smile.

Are you ready to restore your smile to its full form and function? If you are missing teeth and are looking for smile solutions, we are here to help. Please give us a call at 704-553-1627 to find out more about how our metal-free dental bridges can bring back your confidence. Dr. Julia Gorelik in Charlotte, North Carolina is happy to work with you to meet all of your smile goals!