I always have a hard time eating with my gut problems and finding the right mix is key. One of my key factors in helping with this is kombucha. For those of you that are not too familiar with kombucha, it’s fermented tea for lack of a better word. Kombucha is very high in vitamin… Read more »

Are You Giving Your Teeth the Care They Deserve?

Your teeth are one of the first things people notice about you, and they can offer insights that affect how people view you. How much do you know about this indispensable part of your body? Our goal is to help you appreciate your teeth and the role they play in your overall health and well-being…. Read more »

The Treatments Available for Cavities

Cavities are also known as tooth decay. They are damaged and decayed areas of the teeth that look like small holes. They are typically caused by bacterial and acidic substances that attack the teeth, wear down the enamel, and damage the teeth. There are many treatments available for cavities, and our dentist, Dr. , is… Read more »

Warm & Hearty Recipe for the Soul

As this weather bears down on us and the nights become increasingly colder, I can’t help but be in the mood to cook something hearty and warm (yes, I can be a little melodramatic about the weather, but hey, I’m a Floridian, what do you expect)? As I now found Wildtree I find it easier… Read more »

Don’t Let Unsightly Tooth Stains Dull Your Healthy Smile

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you want to flash your brightest smile. Unsightly tooth stains can appear for many reasons and cause you to feel self-conscious when you smile. Because a healthy-looking smile is important for your self-image, we’d like to share some common teeth-staining concerns and what you can do about them…. Read more »

Are You Ready for the Benefits of Metal-Free Dentistry?

Were you aware that, just as the foods you regularly eat and the beverages you drink can have lasting effects on your overall health, so can the materials we use when providing you with dental care have a lasting effect on your overall well-being? Studies have shown that metals in the mouth can release toxins,… Read more »

How Does Holistic Dentistry Benefit Your Oral and Overall Health?

When you come into our dental practice for treatment, you can be assured that our holistic approach will take into account your overall health and well-being. While most dental practices focus on the areas that are above your neck, our dentist, Dr. Julia Gorelik looks at your whole body and how it affects to your… Read more »

To Dine or Not to Dine out, That Is the Question!

As many of you face the same struggle I do, which is how can you eat organic other than your home?  I always find myself in the predicament of cooking when I get home, or hoping I prepped a meal, or REALLY lucky if the husband whipped something up…BUT…y’all know in reality sometimes you just… Read more »

Protect Your Smile and Your Health With Biocompatible Dentistry

A biological dentist proactively recognizes the connection between a patient’s mouth and body. This is why we work to help you avoid as many toxins as possible through holistic dental care and lifestyle choices that support health. Having been trained in biocompatible dentistry and as a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and… Read more »

Eat Organic, Quick and Easy

We are so excited to start a blog by us for us! The everyday life of going out to eat (not easy, if you know what I mean); grocery shopping, talking to my non-organic living friends/family (apparently we’re all nuts, lol), leaves me feeling so frustrated. I always end up spending two hours at the… Read more »