Dr. Julia Gorelik and her team are committed to helping you keep your smile healthy and beautiful. If you suffer from bone loss, or if you have experienced tooth loss and would like a dental implant, bone grafting may be needed to restore the structure of your jawbone. Our dentist is experienced in a number of advanced treatments, including bone grafting, and we will ensure that you achieve the excellent results you deserve.

What is a bone graft?

A bone graft is a procedure that may be needed if your jawbone has deteriorated. You can rest assured that we only use the highest possible quality of materials at Gorelik Dentistry to fit your individual needs and to ensure your health and safety.

Following the bone grafting procedure, your jawbone will grow together with the grafted bone tissue, resulting in a stronger foundation for your teeth, implants, and other restorations.

Do I need a bone graft?

If you suffer from severe bone loss, a bone graft may be necessary. Dr. Julia Gorelik may also recommend a bone graft in Charlotte, North Carolina, if you have suffered tooth loss and are interested in restoring your smile with dental implants; implants require a certain density of bone to properly support the implant. A bone graft can help to ensure a successful implant placement.

To learn more about bone grafting and the other quality services we offer at our comfortable office, we invite you to contact us today. We are eager to improve your smile’s health and appearance!