Our team understands that tooth loss can negatively impact the function and appearance of your smile, not to mention your self-confidence. To restore your smile and boost your self-esteem, Dr. Julia Gorelik offers a number of high-quality solutions to tooth loss, including dental bridges.

What is a dental bridge?

A bridge a fixed (permanent) dental restoration that can be used to replace one or more (usually a maximum of three) missing teeth in a row. At Gorelik Dentistry, each dental bridge is custom designed and created to precisely fit your smile and match the appearance of your natural teeth, ensuring that your smile looks naturally beautiful. Your bridge is created from high-quality porcelain that is matched to your tooth color for aesthetic results.

The bridge fits into the space left by the missing tooth and is anchored on either side by the neighboring teeth. In some cases, we can use dental implants to anchor a bridge. Because the dental bridge is attached to the neighboring teeth or implants, it is very secure so you can feel confident in your smile once again.

Is a bridge right for my smile?

Dental bridges hold several benefits. Our experienced cosmetic dentist may recommend a bridge for your smile to:

  • Prevent the neighboring teeth from shifting out of position
  • Restore your ability to speak, chew, and eat properly
  • Improve the volume of your face
  • Enhance your smile‚Äôs appearance

To find out whether a dental bridge in Charlotte, North Carolina, is right for you, we encourage you to contact our office today and schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Julia Gorelik. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your ideal smile.