Dr. Julia Gorelik and our entire team are committed to helping you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile for life. While we strive to help you keep your teeth healthy for life, we understand that certain conditions may make tooth extraction the best available option for your oral health. In these cases, you can feel confident that our skilled dentist will provide the gentle, high-quality care you need for optimal results.

Prioritizing Your Health

At Gorelik Dentistry, your health, safety, and comfort are always our top priorities. If a tooth is severely diseased, decayed, or otherwise damaged, the best available option for protecting your oral and overall health may be to extract the tooth. If you and Dr. Julia Gorelik determine that tooth extraction is right for you, we will provide you with gentle care to ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

Restoring Your Beautiful Smile

If your tooth needs to be extracted, Dr. Julia Gorelik will also discuss tooth replacement options with you so we can restore your full, beautiful smile. We offer a number of high-quality, natural-looking tooth replacement options, including dental implants, dentures, and dental bridges. We will review the benefits of each of these choices with you to help you make an informed, educated decision about your oral health care. No matter which tooth replacement is right for you, you can rest assured that your new smile will look beautiful and natural.

For more information about tooth extraction in Charlotte, North Carolina, and how we can improve your smile’s health and appearance, we invite you to contact our practice today. We look forward to speaking with you soon!