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Did you know Gorelik Dentistry has moved to a new location with added spa perks for our clients? One of them is a salt therapy spa! Today we want to take a look at why we value these natural world wonders and how they are used in top spas around the world for the benefits they can offer.

Salt therapy – or halotherapy – is like spending time in nature, and if you’ve ever spent a day on the beach you know just how refreshing that feels. Breathing in salty sea air is good for your respiratory system, blood sugar, cells and energy levels. But according to experts in the spa therapy world, salt therapy has 10-15 times the concentration of salt than what being seaside can offer! It’s estimated that just having one session of salt therapy is like being on the beach for three days.

Europeans have long believed in the healing aspects of salt therapy so you will find thousands of salt rooms on the continent. And the U.S. is not far behind with nearly 200 salt rooms or beds.

So why should you consider using our private salt spa at Gorelik Dentistry? You can boost your body’s detoxification naturally as you breathe in pure medical Himalayan salt released into the air in your private room. Our sessions last 45 minutes and you will be given plush robes and spa shoes to optimize your comfort.

– With the help of negatively charged ions contained in salt, your mood and health can improve.
– Breathing in ion particles can offer relief for seasonal allergies, congested sinuses and asthma in people of all ages.
– Your nervous system, lymphatic system, and immune system are supported by salt therapy.
– Salt therapy can help you thrive during allergy season and flu season.
– People suffering from skin problems like acne, rashes, eczema and psoriasis can find relief with salt therapy.
– The minerals in therapy salts moisturize the skin.

At Gorelik Dentistry, you know our number one priority is the overall health and well-being of our clients, not just your oral health. We are always finding new ways to offer our clients ways to support the body in a spa-like atmosphere. So the next time you want to experience the healing benefits offered by salt therapy, Dr. Julia Gorelik, and our caring team invite you to call 704-553-1627 in Charlotte, North Carolina.