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Were you aware that your brain is hardwired to treat sugar and rich fatty foods as a reward? So, there’s a reason we enjoy our sugar! And the holidays are a time of celebrating, and often that takes the form of sugar as well. Unfortunately, this can spell trouble for your smile.

Eating food triggers the release of acid in the mouth because of the bacteria which lives in the mouth. But certain harmful bacteria are activated when exposed to sugar. This is bad news for your teeth since acids soften tooth enamel and demineralize it, leaving you vulnerable to cavities. And since we have gone from eating three meals a day to eating throughout the day, such as snacks, our teeth are constantly at risk for attack.

The biggest boost you can give your smile is to eat sugary foods and beverages with meals or right after, as in dessert. This simple habit will help neutralize those harmful acids in your mouth and the length of time they linger on your tooth enamel.

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