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At Gorelik Dentistry, Dr. Julia Gorelik offers our patients in Charlotte, North Carolina, full mouth reconstruction, also known as a smile makeover, to rebuild your smile. With full mouth reconstruction, we can restore your pearly whites while strengthening your oral health along the way.

This Valentine’s, why not consider giving yourself the gift of a new smile? Your treatment options include the following:

Dental bridges: a permanent bridge may be a good idea if you have one to three missing teeth in a row. Our bridges are crafted from high-quality porcelain which is matched to your natural tooth color and fits securely.

Dental implants: our long-lasting implants are made to replace one or more teeth which are surgically implanted in the jawbone. Within six to eight months, this biocompatible implant screw will be fitted with a custom crown which matches your surrounding teeth.

Dentures: our natural looking dentures are comfortable to wear and aesthetically pleasing. Dr. Gorelik will make sure your dentures are custom blended to enhance your smile as well as your hair, skin and eye color. Based on your needs we can provide you with full or partial dentures.

Porcelain dental crowns: our high-quality porcelain crowns, or caps, fit over the top of a tooth to enhance the tooth’s shape and structure. Whether you have had a root canal, a severely stained tooth, or a missing tooth, a crown will blend in with your natural smile.

Porcelain dental onlays: if you have a tooth with minor to moderate damage or decay, our porcelain onlays can be bonded to your natural tooth to match the natural shape and size. Our onlays can be placed on top of your tooth or between teeth, reaching down into the gumline so that the restoration is beautiful and secure.

Porcelain dental veneers: strong wafer-thin shells custom-made from high-quality porcelain to be worn over damaged front teeth. If your teeth are broken, chipped, crooked, or stained, our veneers can fix that!

Tooth-colored dental fillings: our fillings are crafted from composite resin, which means they match your natural-looking tooth. They are designed to blend in with your smile while being safe for your health while sealing out bacteria from the affected tooth.

As you can see, we have a wide variety of full mouth reconstruction options! These treatments all serve one main purpose, to restore your beautiful, natural-looking smile that will last for many years.

If you have been considering making some changes to your smile, now is the time to find out how Dr. Gorelik’s smile makeover can help. Please give our team a call at 704-553-1627 to schedule a consultation. What better way to show yourself some love this Valentine’s?