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At Gorelik Dentistry in Charlotte, North Carolina, one of the procedures we are pleased to offer our patients is safe amalgam removal. Why is this important? Dr. Julia Gorelik and our team know how vital it is for you not to just have a healthy smile but a healthy body as well. This means being aware what we put in your body via your mouth.

Amalgam is a type of filling that contains a mixture of metals—mercury, tin, silver, copper and various other trace minerals. It is widely recognized that mercury may harm one’s health, and we are serious about giving our patients the safest treatment. This is why we provide tooth-colored fillings made from composite resin for our patients. In fact, we exclusively offer amalgam-free, mercury-free fillings for our patient’s healthy smiles.

For those patients who are wanting to be free from old amalgam fillings, Dr. Gorelik and our team are here to help. Dr. Gorelik is trained in the safe removal of mercury, which can have repercussions when not done correctly. Our goal is to minimize your exposure to mercury during the removal process. As a member of the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, Dr. Gorelik has successfully and safely removed amalgam fillings.

So if you are tired of your amalgam fillings and want to have them removed, please give our team a call at 704-553-1627 and schedule your consultation. Together we can help you achieve the health and well-being you deserve!