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Dr. Julia Gorelik and our team at Gorelik Dentistry have helped many patients who needed a tooth extracted in their smile. While the goal is to save teeth whenever possible, there are times when saving a tooth is not an option. Today we will look at some reasons why your smile might require an extraction and how we can help.

Why extract a tooth?

One common reason to have a tooth pulled is due to extensive damage to the tooth. What causes this damage? Gum disease can cause a tooth to become loose and no longer provide the support it requires. Another culprit is tooth decay which can damage a tooth extensively. If the tooth pulp has an infection or abscess, the tooth will need to be pulled to prevent the infection from spreading to other areas of your mouth or body.

What happens when a tooth is extracted?

Should Dr. Gorelik determine that a tooth needs extracting, our team will make sure that you are made as comfortable as possible and provide helpful aftercare instructions to ensure a speedy recovery with minimal discomfort. Rinsing with salt water is one of the healing remedies we recommend during the recovery period. Rest, consuming a soft food diet, and avoiding tobacco use will all help you heal as quickly as possible.

How do we restore your smile after an extraction?

Once your smile is ready for the next stage of repair, Dr. Julia Gorelik will restore your smile with one of our high-quality, natural-looking tooth replacement options. Depending on your situation, you might benefit from a dental implant here, dentures here, or a dental bridge here.

To find out more, or to schedule a visit, we invite you to call us at 704-553-1627 today. At Gorelik Dentistry, we look forward helping you create a healthy, natural smile!